Women in Development 

How do you go from the state of re-imagining home to making your vision a reality? To dare to re-imagine, to let your imagination take you beyond the status quo, to share your vision, to look for those who endorse you, to navigate your relationships with opposers and blockers are but a few dimensions of what it takes to make change in the Arab World. These difficulties are even more compounded for women — how do you make your voice heard in a male-dominant society? How do you pursue your vision without compromising on your role as wife, mother, and daughter? How do you push yourself when times are low, when some of your closest co-workers have lost their motivations, and when investors are skeptical? How do you navigate the political landscape if you grew up outside the country and are labelled as a foreigner in your country of origin? 

In this panel, we bring women who have dared to (re)imagine and have defeated the hurdles to change the status quo. From the NGO, private, public, and academic sector, they have flown in from different parts, to tell you the bumps in the roads, the hurdles, the high points and low points, and how they made it work. Join us to listen and discuss their stories with transparency.