The Experiment

Join us as we launch “The Experiment”, a unique series of sessions tailored to encourage new friendships and closer connections among conference participants.

Whether you are an ACH newcomer or a repeat attendee, this year we want to try something different and offer you a chance to step outside of your comfort zones, and to do so in a space with others interested in doing the same. And so “The Experiment” is adopting a no-phones, old school, face-to-face conversations model, and will encourage participants to get to know each other in a low-pressure environment over fun activities deliberately designed to help grow your social circles, in the form of friendships or more.

40 exclusive spots will be made available for conference attendees, especially young professionals who would like to take part in “The Experiment”. But, you have to give love to get love, and so all proceeds from your separate $12 ticket will benefit the Refugee Fundraiser.

We look forward to helping you spark meaningful connections while making a difference for refugee children — tickets are limited, so yalla! Buy tickets Here