More about Zeid EL-Basyouni

Libya Panel Chair

Zeid is a Libyan activist living in Cambridge, works for Bank of America & Merrill Lynch as Officer, Finance Solutions Advisor. Previously served at the Small Business and Preferred line of business since 2015 helping the small companies to grow healthy financially and increase their cash flow. Also he is a co-founder and Business Lead at Harvard/ MIT awarded startup Speetar, aiming to connect patients in underprivileged areas in Libya with doctors across the boarders with the power of tele-medicine. previously worked in Benghazi, Libya with Cesvi – Onlus, UN-HCR , Arabian Gulf Oil Company and co- founded Bokra Org. for youth development. He is part of EL-Bouri Foundation in Libya investing in the young people to be the future leaders. He holds master’s degree in International Business from Hult International Business school,as well concentration in Social Progress from the Harvard Kennedy School. He publishes articles in Libya focus at the Arab Investor, UAE, Benghazi News, Alkalema, Mayaden, Alwaseet, Libya-AlMustakbal. Currently he is attending Leading in Finance program at The Harvard Business School.