More about Youssef Abou El Neaj


Youssef Abou El Neaj is a junior at Harvard College and a UWC Davis Scholar. He is currently pursuing a joint concentration in Physics and Mathematics. He is an aspiring scientist, who most recently engaged in Particle Physics research at CERN, and in Astrophysics research at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

He is a Palestinian Refugee who was born and raised in Lebanon. He is a strong believer that good-quality education is the bedrock for any positive change in any society. He has previously implemented this vision by working with various NGO’s in Lebanon concerned with providing scholarship opportunities for refugees and low-income students, like Unite Lebanon Youth Project (ULYP). He is also the founder of multiple initiatives empowering Palestinian Refugees and assisting them in applying to US Colleges.

At Harvard, Youssef has been working as a Teaching Assistant in Mathematics over the past two years. Outside of academia, Youssef has been an active member in the Arab community. He has contributed to the Arab Conference at Harvard as part of the Refugee Fundraiser team for the past two years. He is also a board member at the undergraduate Society of Arab Students (SAS) and the Harvard Society of Physics Students (SPS).