More about Yasmin Agha


Yasmin Agha founded her business, Cookie Dough, at the age of 23, 11 years ago. Much more than a newborn and children’s boutique, Cookie Dough is the first shop in the region to host specialized, non-profit workshops to educate and support clients and the general public alike, with some of the region’s finest parenting experts and medical professionals. Internationally recognized names, including Dr. Michele Borba and Harvard’s own Dr. Alexandra Chen, have also spoken at Cookie Dough. Yasmin has created a unique space where parents from all walks of life have the opportunity to interact around these free workshops, creating an active, enthusiastic, non judgemental, and inclusive community of parents, always ready to learn and assist one another through the challenges of parenting. Yasmin, often referred to as the Baby Lady, is regarded as a source of both parenting support and information in the region. With degrees in Sociology from the American University of Beirut and Theatre from the Lebanese American University, Yasmin’s career is very much built on a multi-disciplinary approach to learning. Since having her own child prematurely at 29 weeks in 2017, she has also become an advocate and spokesperson for prematurity awareness and is an active member of the Neonate Fund. Yasmin is of Persian heritage and calls Lebanon home.