More about Yahya Obeid

Web Developer

Yahya Obeid is currently working as a programmatic executive at one of the top international advertising agencies. He finished his BS in Computer Science at the American University of Beirut. During his undergraduate studies, Yahya managed to work in different domains of his major: from being an IT technician , to a web developer, and to a database specialist at the American University of Beirut Medical Center and AUB. In addition to that, Yahya continues to explore the fields of his major further. Recently, he has completed a Cyber Security course with SANS institute and a Networking course with CISCO.

Yahya took part in different community service institutions in addition to developing and being part of many Student Clubs at AUB. In addition to that, he took it upon him to reopen the Debate Club at AUB.

Yahya wishes for a change in the Lebanese socioeconomic situation and he works on that vision. He believes that the ripple of change starts with the involvement of the citizens in the previous and current movements taking place in Lebanon that would hopefully rewrite its history.