More about Shahd Dibas

DPhil student

My name is Shahd Dibas. I am a first year DPhil student in Linguistics at the University of Oxford. I am interested in Palestinian Arabic Linguistics, Arabic dialectology and Computational Lexicography. I have dedicated most of my time to corpora annotation and teaching. I annotated Palestinian, Jordanian, Taizi, Sana’ani, Najdi and Moroccan corpora. I also trained annotators and supervised their annotation work in several projects at Columbia University and the University of Jordan. Moreover, I worked as a lecturer at the University College of Educational Sciences-UNRWA in Ramallah-West Bank. I was responsible for teaching a broad spectrum of courses which ranged from Linguistics, Literature, ESP and English Language Teaching. Currently, I am working on an online dictionary for the Palestinian Arabic dialects that are spoken by the elderly people who live in the rural areas of the West Bank, especially refugee camps and villages.