More about Sara Hamzeh

Director of Volunteers

A Lebanese Fulbright Scholar and Urban Designer, Sara received a Fulbright Grant to pursue a Masters of Urban Planning at the City University of New York (’19) after completing her Bachelors of Landscape Architecture from the American University of Beirut (’18).

Sara’s Project and Team Management experience comes from years of cultivating and managing research and volunteering projects with AIESEC Lebanon, addressing UN SDG-aligned topics ranging from Entrepreneurship and Media Literacy to Gender Equality. She was Officer In Charge of Volunteers for ACH 2019. After completing her MUP, Sara worked at the NYC Department of Transportation in the Urban Design and Wayfinding Unit, and is currently based in Lebanon doing research at the Landscape Design Department at AUB, while actively being part of organizations in the US such as the Consortium for Sustainable Urbanization