More about Oleksandra El Zahran

Social Influencer, Activist, Life Coach

Oleksandra El Zahran is a Lebanese-Ukranian social influencer, activist and a life coach. She has played a significant role in shedding light on the mass uprisings in Lebanon that broke out on Oct. 17 against the ruling class. What started as an Instagram page for polls on social issues in Lebanon and the Arab world – which sparked important discussions and debates – Zahran’s page “Polleksandra” became one of the most important platforms for documenting the protests in Lebanon.  She has actively posted about ongoing demonstrations around the country since day one, reporting events impartially and spreading making crucial information available for citizens. Her page is now also a place where Lebanese citizens discuss current events and share their different points of views on what should be done regarding the economic, financial and political situation in Lebanon. One aspect of the uprisings Oleksandra has significantly focused on is the role of women in society and women’s representation in public institutions. Zahran provides workshops focusing on women empowerment and leadership. Zahran’s passion for civic life started during her college years, when she-cofounded an independent student movement called “Ghayir” which translates to “change”. The movement called for the de-politicization of student council elections on campus, which are sectarian and linked to national politics and political parties. Zahran holds a B.A. in Poltical science and International affairs from the Lebanese American University.