More about Nesreen Shukr

Undergraduate student/ Harvard Undergraduate

Born and raised in Dearborn, Michigan, Nesreen Shukr is a Lebanese American student at Harvard College studying Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology along with psychology and Arabic. As a global health enthusiast, Nesreen is an active member of several health-oriented advocacy and volunteer organizations on campus, such as Harvard’s ‘Foundation for the International Medical Relief of Children’ (FIMRC). She plans on continuing to explore health-related issues through international service and medical school. Additionally, Nesreen values identity-based organizations and is an active member of Harvard’s Arab and Muslim societies. Beyond campus, Nesreen loves drinking coffee (anything caffeinated or carbonated, really), planning conferences, walking outside (in warm weather), car rides, playing board games, traveling, and (of course) spending time with family and friends. As a first generation Arab American seeking to enhance her understanding of pressing MENA-related matters and strengthen her connection to the Arabic-speaking world (and its culture), Nesreen is very excited to contribute to the 2021 Arab Conference at Harvard as a panel chair for the “Arabic or ‘Arab-ish’? The Global Language Crisis” panel.