More about Dr. Mohamed M. Aburawi

Chair of Healthcare Track

Mohamed Aburawi is a physician, entrepreneur, and biomedical researcher at Harvard Medical School’s Center of Engineering in Medicine. He is the founder of the Harvard awarded and MIT Sandbox supported telehealth platform, Speetar, which links under-served patients in post-conflict countries to culturally and language-matched specialists. Dr. Aburawi is responsible for the conceptualization and development of a novel discarded human kidney reconditioning system (first in the USA); The cutting edge work he led at Massachusetts General Hospital is paving the way for a ground-breaking multi-center clinical trial supported by the New England Organ Bank. In 2018, Mohamed was named one of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation GoalKeepers, in recognition for his efforts leveraging digital technologies to enable healthcare delivery in low resource settings. When he’s not in scrubs or spending time with his wife Alaa, Mohamed is in the air flying a Cessna-150 over the clouds of Boston.