More about Hani Al-Dajane

Co-Founder and CEO of Yalla! Let's Talk.

Hani is a social entrepreneur, media executive, and lawyer.

Hani started Yalla! Let’s Talk. (YLT) in 2017. He believed that the more knowledge that a person has of a specific person, the more people that knew each other’s story, the more likely it’ll make that person more empathetic. If he could find ways to share those stories and create spaces where people felt safe enough to share, he can make a contribution to a more inclusive world. A long side an incredible cofounder, Mays Alwash, the initiative quickly turned into a global movement where young Arabs around the globe would meet and talk about underrepresented issues in their community from mental health to racism within the community.

In a span of three years, Yalla! Let’s Talk. has evolved into a purpose-driven media and events platform to amplify the voices of Arab-Identifying Millennials and Gen Z. YLT believes as diverse as the world is, the narrative is not. They are proudly changing narrative.

Hani is also a lawyer and cofounder of Emerge LLP, an entrepreneurial law firm built to make legal services more accessible for startups and small businesses. In his practice, Hani serves as outside counsel to startups and small businesses, advising on matters ranging from formation to exit including equity compensation, and purchase and sale of businesses.