More about Elissa Freiha

Bosslady & Founder of womena®

Basically, Elissa started womena® back in 2013 after graduating from the American University in Paris, the city in which she was born and raised. She started womena® when she was 23, when she was all young and naive and idealistic and totally unaware of how difficult the journey she had embarked on really was. Well, she stuck it out. As she was building her business, she also invested in over 40 other founders around the world so they could build their businesses too. But her founder journey hasn’t been rosy: After a lot of ups and downs and some major pivots and soul searching, she found herself surrounded by an incredible team of awesome changemakers who share the same values and vision, and together they’ve built The Region’s Ecosystem for Female Leadership which includes a beautiful storytelling platform, an insanely inspiring community of Bossladies, and the coolest Accelerator ever, Womentum. Did we mention she produced a Docu-series by the same name too? Yeah, you should watch it. It’s dope. Don’t take our word for it – BBC, CNN, Forbes Middle East, StartUp Scene, Arabian Business and a bunch of other big name outlets think her work with womena® is pretty awesome. Which it is. AND it’s needed: Can you believe people still don’t believe men and women should have equal rights and equal opportunity?! How silly is that? The Patriarchy sucks. But you know what doesn’t suck? You! You beautiful feminist, you! You’re here. You’re fighting for change. You’re a visionary that wants to take the future into their own hands and build a better world for everyone. You’re rising up. You’re DOING IT! YOU’RE AWESOME! So is equality. Equality is awesome. So let’s work together to get that done, k?