More about Danny Hage

Logistics Officer - HAAA Refugee Fundraiser

Danny is a Lebanese-American born in New York, raised in North Carolina, and currently living in Boston. He graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2018 with a degree in Environmental Science. Danny’s interest in the environment sprouted in the time he spent in 2013 as a greenhouse volunteer on the Ecuadorean coast. There, he became fascinated with circularity in the context of earth’s regenerative processes, witnessing how natural waste always had a useful function. He still engages with the concept of circularity today as a Sustainability Analyst with Eastern Research Group, where he analyzes a wide variety of products for their impact on the environment. What Danny finds particularly exciting about his work is gaining insight into sustainability initiatives across a diversity of industries and thinking about how a circular economy can become a reality. Outside of work, Danny is active on the climate change scene as a volunteer with the Sunrise Movement. His other hobbies include reading, playing soccer, dancing, studying foreign languages and the evolution of the English language, and collecting maps of all sorts.