More about Bassam Barrak

Media men/ University professor

He started his career in the audio-visual and written media field in the year 1991, through the “Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation” screen and Voice of Lebanon Radio, where he provided news broadcasts and covered the most important political and cultural events at the local and international levels. The “Omar Experience” program also presented his guests from belonging to sectors Various, men of thought, culture, politicians and former or current activists in 2008 [2] In 2010 he moved to the Future TV after receiving an offer where he made future news and devoted himself to holding specialized training courses in the Arabic language [3] He worked as a coach for the art of news performance and eloquence in media organizations in Lebanon And abroad and annex Games programs including the “Arab broadcaster” program, a”Anchor of the Arabs”, he is a university professor at the Faculty of Information at the Antonine University, coordinator of the Arabic language and the provider of conferences, seminars and the dictation program on the LBC screen. The most important of his activities is the Arabic spelling game entitled “Our Dictation is Our Language”, organized by the Antonine University, on the occasion of the International Day of the Arabic Language