More about Ahmed Al-Astad

Director General, TRENDS Research & Advisory Center

Ahmed Muhammad Al-Astad is the Director General of TRENDS Research & Advisory Center. He is an economist with extensive experience of more than 25 years in economic research and studies. As Scientific Advisor, he is responsible for the development and supervision of the Center’s scientific research programs and following up on their implementation in coordination with the Center’s Director-General. His tasks include setting the agenda for the Center’s events; namely conferences, symposiums, lectures and research partnerships with international research institutions and think-tanks.

Mr. Al-Astad has held several management positions at many prestigious centers for strategic studies and economic research. He has also participated in numerous conferences and symposiums in and outside the United Arab Emirates and has presented many research papers.

Mr. Al-Astad has served as a lecturer in many training courses in and outside the UAE speaking on issues related to decision-making, political economy, and geopolitics. He has also headed several committees and research teams.