More about Abdurrahman W. Muhtaseb

Panel Co-chair and Debate Lead

Abdurrahman is a Research Associate at the MIT Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, working in the neuroscience and stem cell research field. He was formerly a Research Technician in Neurogenetics at the MGH Center for Genomic Medicine, Harvard Medical School.
Born In Jordan and growing up in Palestine, Abdurrahman Studied Genetics at Jordan University of Science and Technology and Neuroscience at the University of Southern California prior to moving to Boston.
In addition to his interest in science and research, Abdurrahman is a science communicator and writer. He co-founded and ran several campaigns and initiatives for science education and advocacy in Jordan. Abdurrahman champions critical thinking and intellectual growth on an individual and societal level as a means for positive change in the Arab World
Abdurrahman enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, exercising, and singing.