More about Abdullah Bannan

Souk Manager

Abdullah Moustafa Bannan is the Souk Manager at ACH 2019, where he coordinates the activities and networking events taking place at Souk, additionally, coordinates with the fundraiser directors for implementation in Souk. Abdullah is also a board member of the Society of Arab Students, where he works as the liaison between SAS and the first-year students, organizing events for the students in coordination with the board.

He graduated from Al-Basel High School for Superiors in Aleppo, Syria and spent the past two summers travelling with the International Biology Olympiad as a participant in 2018 in Iran, and a jury member in 2019 in Hungary, after he worked as a member in the National Science Olympiad committee for 2 years where he was the co-founder of the Olympiad Mentoring program in Syria.

Abdullah is currently doing research at MGH, and the Immigration and Refugee Clinic at HLS.

In his free time, Abdullah likes reading, rock climbing, running, and cooking.