More about Shaymaa Shaarani

Musician and Vocal Trainer

Shaymaa Shaarani is an undergraduate student at the American University of Beirut. She is majoring in education with emphasis on teaching Arabic and social studies, and completing a minor in music studies. In parallel, she is completing a diploma in school management and leadership. 

Beside the educational background, Shaymaa is a passionate aspiring musician. For a very long time, she have invested in every opportunity she can lay her hands on in order to enhance her standing as a musician, a composer and as an academic music instructor.

Shaymaa has a fruitful experience in teaching students music. For five years in a row, she have taught music in Summer Camps in both the cities of Beirut and Tripoli. Later on, she co-founded Solo Academy which is one of the first musical academies in Tripoli.  She is currently a vocal and piano trainer, and her students come from different ages and different backgrounds.

In addition to her experience as a teacher of music, she have also had a career in Arabic song compositions. She worked on projects with “Siba Media Production” which focused on composing songs for children. Most of the songs she composed have been either featured in videos by Siba’s Youtube page or have been sung by children on stages in schools. More so, she have also written several songs. Some of these include a song for the education department of AUB and the “Green AUB – Free Tobacco Campus” song which was sung by Tayyaret Warak band in an event that took place on AUB grounds.

Throughout her journey, she have opened herself to different experiences in the field of music. This is exactly why she took part in both the western choir of AUB and the oriental one – famously known as the Zaki Nassif choir. She have performed with the latter in a number of concerts some include, the tributes held in honor of the late Zaki Nassif, Sabah, Salwa Katrib, the collaborations they had with artists Jihad Akel, Joseph Azar etc.

In addition to group performances, she also sings solo. The singles she performs are usually oriental or cultural, and they are usually guided by playing of the piano or the lute. She have had several single performances, some of them include a number of poetry nights, her performance in AUB’s Got Talent… In addition to her passion in singing, she also enjoys playing my two instruments, piano and lute. She have played the piano in the Salon of Poetry of Maysoon Sweidan and in events hosted by the education department of AUB. She have also participated in a number of calm music nights that featured my playing of the lute.

The educational background: Shaymaa believes that her profession involves education in all its aspects, which starts from the classroom. As it impacts the individuals’ lives, societies, and  even building and rebuilding countries.

Shaymaa have experience in teaching music to kids and youth, Arabic, and social studies. However, as an educator she believes in equal education opportunities for all.  Which is why Shaymaa believes that one of the most important projects she worked in was A26 Backpack.

In the summer 2018, she worked as an Administrative Assistant [at Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs (IFI)] on the Article 26 Backpack project. This project aimed at getting displaced and vulnerable youth a chance for continuing their higher education.