More about Nicole Hayek

New Hampshire Idol 2018

Nicole Hayek was named New Hampshire Idol 2018 this past October. Followed by her experience performing at the Boston Common Tree Lighting in November.

Nicole is a senior at the University of Massachusetts Lowell studying Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing and Management. She performs the National Anthem at many university sporting events.

Nicole’s main instrument is vocals, but she also plays the piano. She takes vocal and piano lessons, is in a band, and is a member of the St. Joseph Melkite Church Choir. Nicole spends much of her time recording songs and performing at various venues. She also recently began songwriting.

Nicole is a first-generation Lebanese American. Her parents Antoine and Laila Hayek were both born in Lebanon. Nicole grew up speaking both English and Arabic. She comes from a musical background with her brother, John, and sister, Christine, singing and playing instruments as well. Although she is studying business, her true passion is music.