More about Dr. Tony Tannoury

Chief of Spine Surgery, Boston University, President of International Musculoskeletal Society and Doctors From and For the Middle East

Dr. Tannoury is Chief of Spine Surgery at Boston Medical Center and Boston University School of Medicine in Boston, MA. He is internationally recognized for developing and patenting Minimal Invasive (MIS) techniques and implants that are widely used worldwide. He is the inventor of Johnson & Johnson’s MIS Spine Portfolio that includes award winning copyrighted systems on the market today, including:

Dr. Tannoury has a very reputable and highly attended surgeons’ visitation program through which he has hosted and proctored more than 500 surgeons and professors from major universities and medical centers in the USA and around the world. Dr Tannoury has spent a significant amount of time educating and teaching surgeons, residents and medical students from Brazil, China, the Middle East, and all over Europe. Dr. Tannoury is considered to be an international expert in diagnosing and treating complex spinal deformities. Dr. Tannoury is also the founder of International Musculoskeltal Society,, a non-profit international organization that educates and trains hundreds of surgeons annually in all aspects of musculoskeletal orthopedic and neurosurgical disorders during a big event that take place in Beirut every year. Dr. Tannoury is the founder of Doctors From and For the Middle East, a social network group that gather and empower doctors from middle East background working in the USA. Dr Tannoury is a devoted husband and father and nothing is more important to him than his wife Viviane and their three kids, Jasmine, Tamara and Mark. In his free time, he likes to ski, play tennis and socially network.