More about Dr. Najwa Yahia Elhussein

BDS Dental Public Health Specialist

Dr.Najwa Yahia Elhussein , BDS Dental Public Health Specialist. I graduated from U of K ” University of Khartoum”_ Sudan and completed my Medical Doctorate in public health from Sudan Medical Specialization Board
I am an artist , I use my art in public health education and promotion in Sudan. I draw pictures, write lyrics and compose music for many health messages in different public health fields.
I have worked through health facilities and communities using mainly Facebook, WhatsAAp and Youtube as platforms beside other communication channels. I have worked in Oral Health , Maternal and Child health , and Immunization. I worked as a
national consultant for UNICEF Sudan for Expanded Program on Immunization to support the development of communication and Advocacy Annual plan 2016_2018. I have also worked in various additional projects that have involved Nutrition , Adolescent Health Environmental Health and improving of health systems