More about Dr. Mahmoud Gebril

Former Libyan Prime Minister

Mahmoud Gebril was born on 1952 in Benghazi, Libya; He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and political science with honors from Egypt’s Cairo University in 1975. He then earned both his master’s and PhD degrees in political science and strategic planning and foreign policy from the University of Pittsburgh in 1980 and 1985, respectively. Gebril, served as a teaching assistant for undergraduate courses on foreign policy. Following completion of his doctorate, He served as a professor at the University of Pittsburgh for two years.


Mahmoud Gebril’s career after that focused on the field of Development, where he led and developed many national strategic programs and executive leadership capacity building programs across the globe.


In 2007 he was appointed Secretary General of the National Planning Council in Libya. He led the work on Libya Vision 2025 and during that period he also presided over the National Economic Development Board which instigated a number of key socio-economic structural reform initiatives.


In 2011 Mahmoud Gebril joined the Libyan revolution since its early days and was the lead architect of the Interim National Transitional Council of Libya (INTC acting as the Interim Premier and Foreign Minister from 5th of March, 2011, until he announced his resignation from that post following the national liberation proclamation of the country on the 23rd of October 2011.).


On March, 2012 Gebril was elected president of the National Forces Alliance (NFA), a grouping which he cofounded with a wide range of national forces working to build the foundations of a democratic civil state winning over 60% of the votes contested by political parties on July 7th 2012 elections for the General National Congress.


Mahmoud Gebril wrote and continues to lecture extensively on the future, development, the need for reshaping the Arab mind.


Mahmoud Gebril is the chairman of Foundation for Education and Development (FEED) – Brussels, and Chairman of the Board of GETRAC International (consulting & training firm)


He is also a board member of:

– The Sir Bani Yas Forum (Think Tank Centre) – Abu Dhabi

– The Independent Commission on Multilateralism ICM – (The International Peace Institute – New York)

– Unicredit Group International Advisory Board

– World Future Society member since 1988

– Secretary General of “Horizon 21” a futuristic NGO


Mr. Gebril received the award of the Crans Montana Forum’s Gold Medal in 2014 in recognition of his successful achievements in favor of a more Humane World.