More about Dr. Layth Alawneh

President of the Governing Council of Bel-Arabi Foundation

Layth Alawneh is the president of the governing council of Bel-Arabi Foundation, and one of its main founders. Bel-Arabi is nonprofit organization aimed toward combining science, language, and art to emphasize the true Arab identity. Since its establishment, in 2015, Bel-Arabi left a huge impact on youth who hold the same vision for a better future. This impact can be summarized in more than 3500 translated and audited medical and scientific pages to Arabic by more than 9000 volunteers from 5 Arab countries, training hundreds of students to the principles of the scientific research by specialized doctors, spreading the art that reflects the Arab culture in different areas in Jordan, and many things more.

Layth is also a medical student, an activist, and a radio anchor. He believes in the abilities of the youth to make tangible change in our life time.