More about Dhouha Daassi

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Born and raised in Tunisia, Dr Daassi has developed a passion for biomedical sciences research that took her to the five continents where she gained her diverse international scientific expertise.
She is Bioengineer-biotechnology major from ENIS (national school of engineers of Sfax) and 1 year master program of environmental biotechnology from the ISBS (biotechnology institute of Sfax). Dr Daassi was then the first Tunisian/Arab recruited in the first promotion of an innovative human biology program of PhD in the university of Tsukuba, the science city of Japan where she was awarded a special fellowship from Japanese government (the ministry of education culture sports science and technology of Japan (MEXT)) for five years. She is trained in molecular and cellular biology, biochemistry, histology, immunology, cell culture, mouse experiments, microbiology, different types of microscopy and more other technical and transferable skills from Japan and several international research rotations in Bordeaux university, Edinburgh University, Harvard Medical school (Joslin Diabetes Center), University of California Irvine. After her PhD in Japan she moved to USA for post doc where started her post doc in Vanderbilt University Medical Center before returning again to Harvard Medical School (Dana Farber Cancer Institute). She focused on the transcription factors MafB and c-Maf expression in macrophages in normal and pathological situation (ischemia reperfusion induced acute kidney injury:AKI). Then worked on AKI before starting immuno-oncology challenges to answer questions about immunotherapy. Dr Daassi’s research successfully led to 3 peer reviewed scientific publications and 8 research awards namely winning the GLidD (growth and learning identification powered by instructional design) silver recognition award of the best Academic Performance and Presentation from the University of Tsukuba, Japan. She spoke at 10 national and international conferences.