More about Amal Eqeiq

Assistant Professor

Amal Eqeiq is a native Palestinian born in the city of Al-Taybeh in Israel/Palestine. She is an assistant professor of Arabic Studies and comparative literature at Williams College. Her research interests include: modern Arab literature, popular culture, Palestine Studies, feminism(s), performance studies, translation, indigenous studies in the Americas, and literature of the Global South. She is currently completing her manuscript, Indigenous Affinities: A Comparative Study in Mayan and Palestinian Narratives. Amal is also a creative writer and has published a number of short stories and essays in Mada Masr, Jadaliyya and several anthologies, including Being Palestinian (2017) and Min Fami: Arab Feminist Reflections on Identity, Resistance and Space (2014). Her translation of selected poems by Hussein Al-Barghouti (Arabic-English) and Miguel ´Angel Asturias (Spanish-Arabic) appeared in Jadaliyya (2011 & 2017). Amal keeps a Facebook blog called “Diaries of a Hedgehog Feminist.”