Biomedical Research in the Arab World: How to Bridge the Gap?

The Arab world is home to 5% of the global population. However, less than 1.5% of the peer-reviewed papers published every year springs from this region and most of those that get published are of low quality. The scarcity in scientific production is attributed to several factors, such as the lack of interest by governments, political turmoil, inadequate funding, and most importantly the absence of proper research-based education.The Arab region has a very diverse population with a unique set of challenges, that are mostly understudied and insufficiently represented in biomedical research. Fostering a scientific oriented attitude and developing effective research environments is an essential step toward advancing the biomedical and healthcare fields across the region.  

This panel will discuss some practical steps to bridge the gap between the Arab World and developed nations through creating collaborations and building partnerships with the Arab scientists who succeeded in the West and excelled in their respective research fields.