Arab Americans & Arabs in America

The ‘Arab’ identity label in the US is broad. It is used to identify immigrants, 1st generation & 2nd generation Arabs, and general persons with Arab heritage. This broad identification doesn’t consider the vast differences between many Arab Americans and Arabs in American”. 

We will bring together a mosaic of Arab-in-America and Arab-American narratives to highlight the commonalities between Arab experiences while bringing to light the different personal challenges each has faced. We will consider what Arab values can co-exist with American values, and reflect on the topic of Arab assimilation vs integration in American society. Other questions we will consider are how we can preserve our language, identity and culture while progressing in the West? What are the generational challenges between Arab parents raining their children in the US? How and why are Middle Easterners succeeding in the United States? And finally, how can we empower the Arab-American and Arab community in the US?