Startup Pitch Competition

Arab Conference at Harvard is hosting the 6th edition of the Startup Pitch Competition to promote growth of entrepreneurship in the Arab world. It is a pillar event of the conference that offers 10 pre-selected startups the opportunity to present a short pitch, receive feedback, and network with high-profile figures in the entrepreneurship ecosystem, including venture capitalists, angel investors, prominent entrepreneurs and industry experts. The first prize award is sponsored by Startup Bahrain.

Date: Sunday November 12th, 9:00-11:30am

Location: Harvard Business School (Shad Hall)

Address: 70 N Harvard St, Boston, MA 02163



Bloomer Health Tech is transforming heart health and quality of life for women suffering from, or at risk of, heart disease. Bloomer delivers effortless and comfortable medical-grade sensors embedded in a woman’s bra to monitor multiple biomarkers using patent-pending advanced fabrics and algorithms.
Booklava provides people with busy schedules and reading disabilities with access to curated, spoken-word audio entertainment, educational, and informative content to listen to anywhere and anytime, right from their smart phone. As a holistic platform, we’ll be offering English and Arabic Audiobooks, Podcasts, Audio Magazines, Summaries and Shows and more…

Our Arabic audio content is also a great opportunity for Arabs in the diaspora who can better understand Arabic instead of reading it to consume quality Arabic content.

Borderless is blockchain-powered international payments. We offer an API to businesses to receive international payments the next business day right from their website for a fraction of the cost. Our hybrid system utilizes the efficiency of banking infrastructure and leverages the blockchain technology where it is inefficient. We have 5 companies on our waitlist with over 3M+ users and have been featured in several accelerators and incubators. Our mission is to make international payments easy and efficient through the power of technology and cryptocurrencies. If you are a business, a financial institution or an investor come join us on our mission!
CURE is a Tunisian startup that aims to help upper-limb amputees to challenge their disabilities and overcome daily obstacles by providing them with affordable 3D printed myoelectric prosthetic hands.
MedClue is a HIPAA-compliant platform tailor-made for doctors and patients to create a professional and interactive medical database that facilitates broad access to healthcare, reduce medical costs, and improve clinical practice.
At Metabrew, we make energy drinks of the future – they’re made from only plant-based, delicious, and nutritious ingredients. Our mission is to empower people with beverages that do them good. So, instead of tons of caffeine, sugar, and artificial ingredients, we use moderate caffeine, no sugar, and only beneficial ingredients. Metabrew’s Nut-buttered Coffee and Tea are currently available on our website and in select health food stores in NYC.
SEJAAL App delivers a personable, engaging, and entertaining experience with Premium Arabic Text. We envision a more meaningfully connect millennial generation.
A Plug N’ Play inventory automation solution that helps big warehouses automate inventory handling tasks.
The next gen payment platform is here! Vapulus is a Cairo-based fintech company and we’ve created a digital payment hub for people and an all-in-one marketing tool and payment processor for merchants. Vapulus is the smarter, simpler, and safer way to spend and send cash.
Vditory enables blinds to do more, it was made to help blinds to explore the world, by reading text displayed in front of them and say it into their ears to enable them to read books, magazines, newspapers or even menus in restaurants, also helps them to live normally by describing everything around, telling them what is in front of them and if there are any humans, it will tell them their age, gender and emotions, not only this, Vditory can recognize people by telling him their names and emotions at the moment.



Khalid Al Rumaihi
Chief Executive, Bahrain EDB

Fadi Ghandour
Chairman & CEO, Wamda Capital

Christopher Schroeder
Startup Writer

Nichola Eliovits
Managing Partner, Olive Tree Capital



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