More about Senda Ben Jbara

Panel Speaker for Dismantling Oppressive Structures: LGBTQ Rights in the Arab World

Senda Ben Jebara is a young feminist based in Tunis, Tunisia. She has been involved in political organizing and the feminist and queer movement for the past 6 years.

She was part of Chouf, a young feminist organization and was one of the founders of Chouftouhonna, the international feminist festival launched in 2015. In December 2015, she joined the bureau of Mawjoudin, an LGBTQI organization based in Tunis, where she currently works as a social counselor.

Senda is a firm believer in intersectionality and the interconnection of all struggles; and she has been involved in several projects across the Middle East and North Africa including trans*- specific advocacy in Lebanon, where she also joined the Anti-Racism Movement (ARM) as a general coordinator for the Beirut Migrant Community Center.

She is currently an advisor for Frida – the young feminist fund, an international organization that funds feminist groups in the global South.