More about Nadeem Mazen

Engineer, social entrepreneur, activist, and community organizer

Nadeem Mazen is an engineer, social entrepreneur, activist, and community organizer. A leader in social justice movements across New England and a strong voice for progressive idealism, Nadeem is not a career politician.

He is an educator and social justice advocate who believes that elected officials should act as public servants, first and foremost—and was the principle driving his two terms as a city councilor.

The son of a proud Egyptian immigrant father and hardworking Midwestern mom, Nadeem is an Andover native, and went on to attend Phillips Academy and MIT on financial aid. After graduating, he founded two small businesses, creating tech and arts jobs to improve the local community. He put the profit from his businesses back into the community.

As an activist, Nadeem has fought for immigrant rights, Wall Street reform, a $15 minimum wage, against torture, and against the Alt-right—before it had that name. Nadeem trusts in the power of people to come together for change and believes we can make MA 3 even more just, equitable, and transparent—a beacon of progressive idealism for America.

Nadeem founded Jetpac, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, which has paved the way for underrepresented communities to have their voice heard. He has trained minorities and women across the country to organize in their communities and run for office and believes rekindling this grassroots leadership is the heart and soul of efforts to revitalize our democracy.

As an elected official, Nadeem led innovative campaigns and policy initiatives for a $15/hr minimum wage, for net zero emissions, for arts funding, for addiction solutions, and for Affordable Housing. He is a coalition builder and problem solver ready to take on economic stagnation and inequity at play all across the third district and across the country.

Nadeem gave one third of his salary back to community organizing when on city council. He fostered local advocacy groups, so residents could leverage their own power over government, at all levels. He committed to self-imposed term limits, stepping down in order to usher in fresh perspectives and leadership.