More about Nada Elattar

Innovating Education to Reform Arab Societies

Nada Elattar is the Director of Educational Programs in the department of International Social Impact at Sesame Workshop. With a background in education, health, research, and media, Nada leads a team that develops and implements large scale early childhood initiatives that span across the globe. Ranging from curricular goals which include: gender equity; empowerment; basic literacy and numeracy; respect and understanding; and health and nutrition, these initiatives reach millions of children in Southern Africa, South Asia, Central and South America, and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA).

Nada has previously worked extensively within the MENA region. In Egypt Nada worked with the United Nations World Food Program and Johns Hopkins University – Center for Communication for Healthy Living Program. She gained firsthand teaching experience in Tunisia and worked as a research and communications advisor at the United Nations World Health Organization – Mediterranean Centers for Vulnerability and Risk Reduction. Whether in the United States or abroad, Nada has always been committed to the improvement of education and health, and the breaking down of barriers to access for children and families across the globe regardless of their socio-economic backgrounds. Originally from New York City, she has a B.S. in health education from San Francisco State University and an M.P.H. with a focus on maternal and child health from The Johns Hopkins University–Bloomberg School of Public Health. Nada speaks English and Arabic fluently and is conversant in French and Spanish.