More about Dr. Danilo Mandić

Danilo Mandić is a comparative historical sociologist and Lecturer on Sociology in the Department of Sociology. Mandić was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and received his AB from Princeton and his PhD from Harvard. His interests include social movements, nationalism, social theory, ethnic relations, civil war, and organized crime.  In his dissertation, he investigated the role of organized crime in relation to separatist movement outcomes in Kosovo/Serbia and South Ossetia/Georgia over a twenty-year period. He has done extensive archival and ethnographic work in the Balkans and Caucasus. He is interested in conceptualizing organized crime as a neglected non-state actor and in understanding the interrelations of states, social movements and illicit flows of people, goods and ideas in regions with separatist disputes.

At Harvard, Mandic teaches SOC 186 “Refugees in Global Perspective” and Sociology 133 “War, Revolution and Organized Crime.”