More about Dalia Al-Farghal

Panel Speaker for Dismantling Oppressive Structures: LGBTQ Rights in the Arab World

Dalia Alfaghal, is an Egyptian human rights activist, a tech savvy in Silicon Valley, California and a physicist. She is known as: “The Most Hated Lesbian in Egypt” after her announcement of her same-sex relationship, which went viral on social media then local and international newspapers and was the subject of a high profile Buzzfeed video.

She is also one of the founders of Solidarity with Egypt LGBT (established in 2014), an initiative that seeks to document violations against LGBTQ+ individuals in Egypt. Dalia grew up in Saudi Arabia in a conservative environment before she moved to Egypt to attend university.

Despite her upbringing, she chose to challenge existing societal constructs and beliefs and speak up for herself and others by exposing and reporting the violations that the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt experiences on regular basis by the both the government and society.