More about Ammar Abdulhamid

Panel Speaker for Syria Panel

Ammar Abdulhamid: a Syrian-American author, activist and blogger based in Silver Spring, Maryland. For over two decades, Ammar has been known for his expertise on the Middle East, especially on issues related to the prospects for peace, modernization and democratization and the rise and activities of extremist movements and terrorist groups.

His insights in this regard, and especially in relations to the current situation in Syria, are particularly valued by American and European policymakers. Over the years, Ammar has briefed American and European officials, offered Congressional and parliamentary testimonies and helped inform policy through his critical writings and his affiliations with various American think tanks, including the Brookings Institution and the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Ammar is currently working as an independent analyst and consultant and writes a weekly column in Arabic for

He tweets at @TheActualAmmar.